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Lots of funny questions have kept us sane lately.  “What day is it?”  “How many months are in April?”  “Is drugstore hair color the devil-in-a-bottle?”  But what we really want to know: “When will COVID19 Quarantine END?”

Two important COVID19 things are happening now:

  • THE curves are dropping. (Jesus has the wheel) 
  • The curves are dropping. (Jesus take the wheel)

For THE OFFICIAL COVID19 CURVES, please check with for the latest most accurate facts.  (May want to take with a grain of salt & a margarita).

For the other curves, I’ve put together some graphics so you can keep watching Netflix & snacking on your year-old crackers from the back of the pantry.

*ALL photos were taken in RED or BLUE ZONES.  What goes on in YELLOW, stays in YELLOW.

SoLongPTA Empty Nest
SoLongPTA Empty Nest Blog
SoLongPTA Empty Nest
SoLongPTA Empty Nest Blog
SoLongPTA Empty Nest
SoLongPTA Empty Nest Blog
SoLongPTA Empty Nest

Yes, sister, another radically new chapter.  Maybe the HARDEST one yet.  We are BORED.  We are SCARED, and we want our hair, nails & facials professionally done, even if we did it ourselves before!!  

Motivation for cleaning, clearing, creating, or cultivating has disappeared like Carole’s husband (Tiger King humor).

Remember becoming an Empty Nester and asking yourself: “Now What?”  Here we are again.  We still have a ways to go with this COVID-monster and heaven forbid we experience this EVER again, so let’s at least LEARN FROM IT.

THE BIG QUESTION. . .  This will take some thought, so put down that morning coffee or morning wine (no judgment) and strap on that homemade-mask like a thinking-cap.  Life will never feel the same to literally every person on PLANET EARTH.  Read that again.  Let’s put pen to paper: What Did You Learn From COVID19?”



Here are 3 of mine:

1.  Quarantine Life has identified many of my “time-wasters” (I’m soooo sorry TJMaxx, HomeGoods, and manicured nails).

2.  There is time to “BE STILL & KNOW” every single day.  I just had to allow myself (FOMO is stupid & an illusion).

3.  Faith.  Family.  Friends.  Life’s Secret Sauce (besides Chick-Fil-A Sauce and nothing beats that stuff.)  

I’d LoVe to hear and share your revelations!!  

Could your answers inspire anyone to keep their curves on a positive trajectory?  

Did you have a Ta-Da Moment during Quarantine that could educate us on a different perspective? 

Did you experience a situation that could entertain us?

PLEASE SHARE & let us know if we have permission to post on SOCIAL (because, lawsuits).

BIRDbirdSMALL copy

Take It & Fly

   Things We’ll Never Say POST-COVID19:

   “WOW, ‘Made In China,’ I’m buying that!!”

   “How far is 6 feet?”

   “If I only knew more about Tiger Zoos.”

   “I’d **read** more…if I only had time.” **fill in your  verb here.  Pretty sure the list is endless….like my NETFLIX List.

   “N-95 mask?  What’s that?”

   “I’ll never get tired of Tik Tok.”

   “Home-College?  Yes, my kids LoVed it!”

   It really is A WHOLE NEW WORLD.

SoLongPTA Empty Nest Blog

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