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Panic! At The Disco?”  What about ”Panic! Here At Home-O!” Are you sending your baby out into the world or the last one off to college?  Empty Nester Newbie?  Yep, me too. Now What?  Let the fun (& funds) begin!


  • Beating the Bed, Bath, Beyond rush.
  • How to Move Your Kid Cross-country.
  • The Ultimate College Packing Guide.
  • Adult Kids And Their 1st Apartment.
  • 7 Things You Never Knew About College Dorms.
  • Making Move-In Day a WIN.
  • Award-Winning Meals Your Kids Want To Come Home To.

I’d love to share, but I really have no idea myself.  So please redirect to Google.

The kids will survive without us, but the other way around?

YES.  WE.  WILL. **shouting for those with the washing machine going.**   We just need a plan.


*Extra Credit for those preparing before the big “test.”  Renee, my big sis with a “little” kid, is smart; she’s WilderNest Tribe-in-Training years before her baby flies.  Be prepared. Be like Renee.


Renee’s little one: Mason, HS Sophomore

1. Do Something For YOU

  • WRITE A SUPER COOL BLOG **chuckles** Not only will it keep you busy (building a website, navigating ever-changing social media, living for ONE MORE FOLLOWER), it will also put a little kick in your step. 
SoLongPTA Empty Nest Blog
    Currently obsessed with my
    basil plant.  But pretty much any herb can bring you joy and flavor, and who doesn’t like having more thyme on their hands. *Sorry, it sounded like sage advice…Grab a pen & I’ll share my 2 favorite recipes:
    1. Mozzarella cheese + grape tomato + BASIL LEAF+ Oil.  Put on a stick & enjoy!   **Note from Renee; add salt and pepper (that is seriously her cooking mantra, that, and PREHEAT).

    2. Adult beverage + BASIL LEAF.  Stir & enjoy!

Make sure it’s one of your
happy places and they offer a healthy discount.

Places to Avoid: (& you’re welcome)

  • Target – That’s just asking for trouble, and you know it Becky!
  • Your Kid’s College Bookstore – Time to cut the cord mom. THEY WILL SURVIVE & I’M PRETTY SURE THAT’S STALKING.
  • Your Kid’s Former High School – Bless. Give it a victory lap and reassess next semester.
  • Local Animal Shelter – Good for you, but again, caution, don’t become the cat-lady, you’ll smell like desperation.
  • A Colonoscopy Center – You may make friends, butt you’ll never be able to look them in the eye (sorry for 5-year old humor).

2. Adopt A Fur BABY

A new, sweet pet could fill your time and your heart.  You can even enroll in Obedience School and give it the “ole college try” with this one!

BONUS: This baby will never roll their eyes at you, will always welcome a hug and will never tell you their college café has the BEST FOOD EVER.  *You will have to pick up poop, but it’s a small price for being their favorite person FOREVER.


Harrison Bailey, giving Mom the “I’m adorable look.” And yes, he did whatever he was begging for. . .

3. Discover TRIBES

Research finally shows what every girlfriend has known since the beginning of time: women thrive with tribes.  Men, we love you, but you just won’t get it, so stay in your lane (did we mention we love you?)


How do we find these mystical, magical groups that will usher us into their open arms?  Again: GOOGLE is the bomb.

  • MeetUps
    Tons of local groups that meet face to face in virtually every area of interest.  Can’t find one?  You can quickly start one on the MeetUp website.  “Google Lovers of Raleigh”
  • Virtual Groups
    I LOVE my online-tribes.  They are real.  They inspire.  They never come over unannounced to my messy house.   FaceBook, or as my uber-cool kids call it MomBook, is a great place to find your people.
  • Ambassadorships
    Become a walking commercial for your favorite brand or store!  It’s bonding when you find others with the same passion, and did I mention the extra love you get via ambassador discounts???  
    It’s a Win-Win-Win!  Google that quick!
  • Network Marketing
    When you love and buy products from a company anyway, well it’s time to shout it to the world!  Icing on that multi-layer cake is a passionate tribe to motivate and encourage you.  And the PERKS are phenomenal!
  • National Associations
    Did I mention I just found National Herb Growers Of America?  It’s a thing. It’s real.  It’s going to expand my repertoire of Food-On-A-Stick & Adult Beverage Mixology.



4. Field Trips FOR ADULTS

Once upon a time, Friday nights were watching NEMO eating fish-stix (yea, that was a creative-fail).  Then Friday nights became keeping our eyes open until all were back in the nest.

With a bit of creativity and planning it’s going to be just as fun as watching A BUGS LIFE after an afternoon spent making Oreo Dirt topped with Gummy Worms (that was a win!)

  • AxThrowing It’s on our calendar and will post photos!  I’m thinkin it’s a good idea to hold off if you & your partner are not in a “good” place.
  • Farmers Market It’s a romantic date and a sneaky way to get some grocery shopping in.  Double WIN!
  • Concerts Totally cool when you can sing every word right along with the band.  This will most likely be some kind of a reunion tour.
  • Quest Suggestions: The quest to find the best wedge salad under $10.00.  The quest to find the best movie popcorn in town.  The quest to find the best herb garnished adult beverage within an 8-mile radius.  *If/When you find, please share, it could be a whole new Quest Level: Quest to visit everyone’s “best.”
BIRDbirdSMALL copy


 I.  Make an Empty Nest Game Plan. The sooner, the less Panic!, but keep it on the DL.  Your plan is going to make you so awesome your YA may want to hang around a bit longer  or be home-colleged.  (Dear Bailey Kids, love you, but not an  option).

 II.  TRIBES are the only way to fly!  Find your Squad, Team, or Peeps.

 III.  Relish this new chapter!  Thanksgiving is right around the corner.  They will return home.  You will delight them with turkey & your homegrown herb on a stick while sharing some fun stories about all the new tribes you’re “IN.”  And the only Panick! is that December Break is 19 days away and that’s not much time to go disco roller skating, archery target shooting or start that beehive project with your honey!

 Let’s Get Our Game On!