SoLongPTA Empty Nest Blog
SoLongPTA Emptynest Blog

Anybody else in the middle of The 2020-FUNK?

Do you ask yourself daily:
“Now What?”

Here’s a roadmap of 5 Simple Tips to get you out of FUNKYTOWN and into the FUN-SIDE of 2020.  

Clickable links (blue & underlined)

& some great 70’s music for the trip.

1 | Connect To Your Tribes
(or if this offends)
Connect To Your PEOPLE

Time without your tribes is like a margarita without a thick rim of salt and a tiny pink umbrella.  Just. Not. The. Same.

  • Expand your TRIBES by reaching out on a social platform to someone you don’t know, or a group you have a common interest with. What do you have to lose? You won’t even have to get out of your yoga pants.
  • Host a virtual Netflix Watch Party.  You get to watch it  at the same time and add “comments” in a sidebar.  My picks?  A classic you’ve all seen a million times & LoVed or your favorite Chick-Flick. 
  • Host a “Game-Changer” ZOOM Call.  Pick a theme, ask everyone to share their FAVORITE something, and pour some wine.  Popular Ideas: Hair & Make-up Tips, Apps not everyone knows about, YouTube & Podcast you LoVed, Unique Cocktail Recipes, Upcoming Holiday Ideas…
  • Meet somewhere outside, 6′ apart, for a refreshing beverage (adorned with festive pink umbrellas.)  Now that’s a double-win.

2 | Read Your Way Out Of A FUNK

The Magical De-Funking Booklist?  Laughing because I have polar thoughts: read something Super-Depressing or Super-Uplifting.  If you’re really deep in the 2020-FUNK, don’t beat yourself up on which one to choose.  Just grab the book on your nightstand (the one you’ve been using as a coaster for the last 82-days), and go with it.

  • SUPER DEPRESSING STUFF  Why?  Perspective & sometimes you just need a good cry.

During the first 40ish-days of COVID19, I read some pretty dark stuff.  Mainly Zombie-Apocalyptic stories.  No need to hoard food or learn how to make water here in Raleigh, NC, just concerns over the 2020 disappearance of TP.

Four Great Cries:
The Art Of Racing In The Rain By Garth Stein
Room By Emma Donoghue
The Road By Cormac McCarthy
The Boy In The Striped Pajamas By John Boyne

  • SUPER UPLIFTING STUFF  Why?  Perspective & sometimes you just need a good laugh.                            

Day 4,098 of COVID19, my mood was getting darker than my hair roots, so I changed to the Super Inspiring/Funny genre.

The perfect laugh?  The Art Of Table Dancing, by DC Stanfa. DC’s storytelling of her antics took me to another world.  A world without mask or isolation, one where I actually smelled the Hawaiian Tropic tanning oil, cheap beer, and shenanigans.  From Catholic schoolgirl (pushing all the limits) to adulthood (pushing all the limits), I just wanted to be DC’s BFF and be in on all the fun and pushing of limits. Buy the book, pull out a lawn chair, and enjoy your mini get-a-way!  *Especially Chapter 9, “Picture This,” my favorite!

NOTE: I found & CONNECTED to DC on Facebook & Instagram (as per “Expand Your Tribe”).  She’s such a hoot, and jealousy alert; we’re planning a girl’s beach trip as soon as we can get closer than 6-feet (& hopefully come up with a clever beach SCAM!).

She’s a fun follow @dcstanfaauthor

SoLongPTA Emptynester Blog

3 | Enter The WilderNest
Time To JayWalk

Get.  Out.  Side.  No matter what the weather is, fresh air and nature are natural mood-lifters.  It’s hard to reap the benefits if you’re on the sofa binging on Tiger King & Living Off The Grid.  Guilty, but in my defense, I considered both “research.”  

NOTE: Bird Watching or BIRDING is the new ULTIMATE SPORT.   Seriously, It’s not an “old person’s thing” anymore!

4 | Bypass The Rabbit Holes Alice

U N P L U G.  It’s incredible what a  simple “2-Day Tech Cleanse can do!  And the stuff that you’ll miss?  It will all be there when you return.  It’ll be repeated, argued over, and probably made into a TikTok video too!   Oh, 2020…

If you CAN NOT go cold-turkey, force yourself to, BIG BREATH, Scroll On Down The Road.  Soak in all the cute pet photos, but for the LoVe, bypass all RABBIT HOLES.  Reenergize yourself with a lightened load! 

5 | Spread Your CHARMES, Not Your "Garmes" (germs)...

If MASKS are mandated where you live, stay home or WEAR A CUTE ONE!!!  Elevate your fashion and your mood.  Perhaps a LOUIS-VITTON MASK or one from The Today Show Picks.   I’m in LoVe with these from Ivy & Leo!  Share your COVID MASK photos on our Facebook page!!  We’d all like to breathe a little easier during this last half of 2020!

SoLongPTA Emptynester Blog
BIRDbirdSMALL copy

Take It & Fly

Here are all the mentioned Links to help you EXIT Funky Town:

LoVe & only 180-ish Days until we can say: “SoLong2020!”

SoLongPTA Empty Nest Blog


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