In 2020, the WORD OF THE YEAR was apparently the THING OF THE YEAR. So, of course, I was all over it. After throwing away 3 or 4 perfectly good words, I realized my 2020-Word didn’t have to be perfect, just like I try to tell myself: “Hey Robin, this or that or YOU don’t have to be perfect, so calm down girl and get on with life!”  And then BAM!  A pretty darn perfect word got stuck in my head: “EVOLVE.”  I loved how it sounded and loved what I thought it meant: Life isn’t about being, it’s about becoming.  *read that one again.

Before putting it out into the universe, and on social media, and on a coffee mug, tee-shirt, and jewelry, the compulsive perfectionist in me had to double-check.  I skipped over to Merriam-Webster who defined as: unfold, unravel, develop gradually.  Just what I needed to hear.  

You see, last year was a big year for me: I turned fifty-five. Ugh. It sounded old & frumpy. But then I realized 55 in roman numerals is LV, the initials of my beloved Louis Vuitton, which made fifty-five now hip & fun.  #silverlinings.  The hubby and I also became empty nesters and after 3-zillion (fantastic) years of being a stay-at-home mom, I felt I had lost: my role, title, and purpose.  So Now What???  I wasn’t sure, but in my typical fashion, I couldn’t hit GO until I had circled around READY, SET for a ridiculous amount of time.  But now I had the perfect tool to help me fight the pressure of perfection.  EVOLVE.  Life’s a process. Time to embrace all the unexpected detours, and re-routings and just GO!

And like finding the “bonus fry in the bottom of the McDonalds bag: I found my beloved LV smack in the middle of “evoLVe”.  This may be my Word-of-The-Year forevah.



1) We are all a work in progress, so just hit GO and get on with your Ridiculously Unperfectness!

2) Birthdates in roman numerals.  You’re Welcome.

3) “evoLVe” used in a sentence from Merriam-Websters (seriously): ” Her company has evolved from a hobby into a thriving business!”  Well, many thanks Merriam for the vote of confidence in my new blog SoLongPTA!

*after 56 years with the name “Robin,” I’ve learned to embrace it and the bird-things that go with it.  Apologies in advance.