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What's In A Name?

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You know you’re one-of-the-kind. But what about your name? Have you ever wondered just how common your name is and what it says about you? Well, I hadn’t until I received a curious email from Brisbane, Australia. Tim Bergh, the producer of top Breakfast Radio Show 97.3fm. He politely introduced himself and explained that one of their main hosts was a lady named Robin Bailey. He went on to ask if I’d be interested in chatting with RobinBaileyAU to see how similar we were due to sharing a name. *FUN!

The date was set and tripled checked for the time difference. Monday at 7:30pm for me, and Tuesday 9:30am for “Robin, Terry & Bob Together Again for Breakfast!” 

You’d expect some similarities between people who share the same first name: at least age & gender. “Robin” hit its peak in popularity in the ‘60s, so I surmised we’d be about the same age. As for gender, I had a spoiler alert in their intro, but with a gender-neutral name there was a chance. 

Social media allowed me to do some research, although it felt a bit stalker-like, I found that Robin BaileyAU was one impressive lady. Beautiful, stylish, funny, big heart, and the most lovely Aussie accent!  *who doesn’t LoVe an Aussie accent?

97.3fm was kind enough to send the audio files of our “interview.” It was UNCANNY how much we had in common.  Thank you RobinBaileyAU, Terry & Bob for a cool experience, all the laughs and my INCREDIBLE PRIZE!

Please enjoy your morning coffee and a quick listen. Maybe it will inspire you to find your NAME-TWIN!

This is the part you don't want to miss!!

RobinBaileyAU & RobinBaileyNC


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SoLongPTA Empty Nester Blog

A couple of similarities that we never mentioned.  

  •  RobinBaileyAU never gave her age (I stalked/googled that: she just joined the 50-Club. Welcome beautiful!
  • We both have business partners named ReneeUSA & RenaeAU.
  • And sadly, we have both experienced heartbreaking loss in the month of September. *Sucktember
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Take It & Fly

 I.  Finding a Name-Twin is fun…unless you’re a Manson or Dahmer.

 II. Winning a puzzle and handwritten note (photo below) is just a exciting as winning $10,000…

III. The 97.3 PUZZLE was made during COVID-Lockdown to keep their listeners entertained! *brilliant

 LoVe and Check them out on Instagram @973brisbane,


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